If you’re an Aussie student thinking about studying at an American university or college, this is a great place to start.


At Apply USA we give you the support, guidance and assistance you need to have the best chance of admissions success.

We work with you to find the right university or college to suit your academic and professional goals, campus lifestyle and budget.

From your initial enquiry, right through to the completion of your visa application, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

There’s never been a better time to study in America. A degree from a US university or college is recognised as being among the best in the world, providing exciting career and lifestyle opportunities for graduates.

Aussie students are in high demand in the US because they contribute to the diversity of campus life without the culture shock or language barriers. What’s more, US universities and colleges understand the value that a multicultural student body brings to the campus community and overall classroom experience.

Many students tell us the friends they’ve made and the experiences they’ve had while studying in the US are worth just as much as the education itself.

It truly is an experience of a lifetime - what are you waiting for? Contact us today.


The University of Colorado Boulder* has one of the most unique mascots we’ve ever seen, a real buffalo named Ralphie. In an exciting display of school pride, Ralphie leads the team out onto the field both at the start of the game and the second half.

* Apply USA is in no way affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder, but we do think Ralphie’s pretty darn cute!

Important Test Dates


Deciding to study at a US college or university is a big deal.

But, truthfully, the decision to go is the easy part…

The submission process itself can be extensive, confusing, and downright intimidating.

At Apply USA our aim is to make this complex process as easy and as stress-free as possible by taking some of the boring (but necessary) stuff off your hands, and then helping you to make sense of everything else.

Our dedicated and highly qualified team know a thing or two about the American application process. We also know that your life is already filled to the brim with school assignments, sporting commitments, end of year formals and of course, final exams.

At Apply USA we want to see you achieve your dreams of living and studying in America so we work closely with you to submit the best application possible to give you every chance of success.

Think of us as your very own US Student Advisor!

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Research the best institution to suit your needs
  • Provide SAT tutoring
  • Help with writing your college essay
  • Coordinate the entire application process
  • Plan a schedule and keep you on track
  • Help you deal appropriately with correspondence
  • Arrange visa applications and immigration details
  • Help you choose the best accommodation options
  • And so much more…

We’ll help you prepare every aspect of your submission from start to finish, including entrance exam tutoring, interview preparation and help with writing your submission materials.

But remember, whilst we are here to support, assist and guide you through the entire admissions process, it ultimately needs to be your own work – and that just makes it all the more sweeter when you get accepted!

It’s a complicated process that takes time and determination, but with our help you’ll feel supported, motivated and whole lot more organised.

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Check-in Package

This is perfect if you want to manage the application process yourself but 'get stuck' at certain points and need a bit of help. This is also a great option if you know where you want to study and want to take advantage of the Early Decision application.

Arrivals Package

This is an excellent option for students who want to live and study in the US, but aren't too fussed where they go. Your submissions will be made up of safety and probable colleges.

Gold Lounge Package

This package is for you if you are serious about studying in the US and want a wider selection of colleges and universities to choose from. Your submissions will be made up of a combination of safety, probable and reach colleges.

*If you decide later to apply to more colleges or universities this will be at an additional cost. 


Not included in any package:

  • Entrance examination test registrations
  • Passport application costs
  • Visa application and attendance at US Consulate interview
  • Post-acceptance costs such as SEVIS fee, enrolment confirmation, housing deposit and uni-cards.